"Faith is an oasis in the heart which can never be reached by the caravan of thinking"   (Khalil Gibran)

Thanks for your years of trust!

Global player in metal processing - KENNAMETAL Inc.

Technology leader in surface treatments - Kennametal EXTRUDE HONE

Global player in traffic management- SWARCO AG

Global player in the lighting industry - ZUMTOBEL Group

Global player in lighting components - TRIDONIC

Global player in the abrasives industry - TYROLIT Group

Boznerplatz pharmacy in Innsbruck


I am always available to assist should you need additional references or contact info for in-person references. 


"A particular strength I noticed in this project was how you catered to individual wishes and their flexibility"

"You blended well with the team without relinquishing leadership"

"You found a good mixture of "pressure" and motivation in order to obtain input from project key players."

"Do I trust you to be a good change manager?
Yes, because you are very empathetic, have a great network, reach out to people, and can prioritize!"


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