"Even the stones that have been placed in one's path can be made into something beautiful" (J.W. Goethe)

Managing projects successfully

"Not everything that is called a project is a project"
"Not everything that is a project is called a project"

"Not everyone who participates in a project knows about it"
"Not everyone who knows of a project also participates in it"

"Not everyone who leads a project really leads it"
"Not everyone who really leads a project should really lead it"

(Christian Niederst├Ątter)

Project management is a trend concept and yet an indispensable process in order to handle complex, interdisciplinary issues and challenges in today's fast-paced business environment and survive in dynamic markets.

My range of services includes:
- Professional, international project management
- Project coaching
- Development of PM standards
- Establishment of PMOs

In addition, I can also offer training opportunities in collaboration with my network partners, which are customized to your PM needs (German/English):

- Project management training for project managers in accordance with IPMA
  (incl. preparation for IMPA certification)
- Basic coaching for project team members
- Training/coaching for project clients

Project management for me means...

Process competence

Methodological competence

Social competence

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