"Even the stones that have been placed in one's path can be made into something beautiful" (J.W. Goethe)

Support for small and medium businesses

Current market situation:

  • More and more SMEs are suffering from liquidity shortages and are over-indebted to banks 
  • The number of bankruptcies is rapidly increasing 
  • Access to credit is becoming more difficult for SMEs and start-ups


Impact on banks:

  • The need for value adjustments and write-offs has noticeably increased in the SME segment
  • The implemented risk management tools can only partially recognize risks and provide warning in timely fashion 
  • In bankruptcy proceedings, banks as well as liquidators can only rarely generate a long-term, optimal solution  

WIN-WIN situation with customized advice 

  • Plausibilization of business plans prior to founding of a company and extension of credit 
  • Controlling support during the credit period and ongoing review of the business model
  • Creation of restructuring concepts for SMEs and project management during implementation 
  • Possible support of banks and liquidators in instances of liquidation
Bundling of problem-specific expertise and experience
Specific support in any business situation
Clear package of measures for strategies and operative implementation

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